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5 Little-Known Benefits of Bingo to Seniors

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As people grow older, some of their functions decline. Seniors are likely to have blurry visions and weakened muscle coordination. Both families and caregivers might need to adjust to the changing needs of their senior loved ones. Yet, they need to be aware that seniors are vulnerable to cognitive decline and memory loss.

When an individual suffers from dementia, they start to lose essential functions. Nevertheless, seniors are lucky because there are activities that promote health and well-being. One of them sounds fun and interesting, but you might think it’s ridiculous: Bingo!

Visiting adult daycare centers and seeing seniors play bingo might be a cliché. However, it turns out that this leisure activity brings surprising benefits to aging adults. Bingo is a fun, and engaging game, participating in it helps seniors prevent deficient visual search, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Essential Benefits of Playing Bingo to the Elderly

Here’s how playing bingo promotes mental, physical, and social health to seniors:

1. It increases seniors’ flexibility and alertness.

Obviously, Bingo requires players to be alert. Seniors need to focus on the numbers the announcer is calling for them not to miss called numbers on their cards. Seniors tend to lose their reflexes as they grow older. But with the help of Bingo, they can improve their hand and eye coordination. These essentials delay seniors’ immobility and other problems. Just a simple act of searching called numbers and placing chips on Bingo cards provide seniors a non-medicinal way to improve their motor skills.

2. It boosts socialization skills.

Keep in mind that as seniors get older, their socialization skills lessen, affecting their mental health drastically. Thus, encouraging them to join fun activities promotes a better quality of life. Bingo provides an excellent platform for seniors to interact and communicate with other people. Organized Bingo activities can also help isolated seniors to come out of their comfort zones and put them into a fast-paced, engaging game. Similarly, weekly Bingo games enable aging adults to catch up with their acquaintances and make new friends comfortably. Seniors that maintain social interaction prove to have a healthy mind and body.

3. It provides a fun game for seniors.

Perhaps you’ve seen a group of seniors playing Bingo, and one thing is for sure, it comes with lots of laughter. Laughter, indeed, is the best medicine. Social laughter helps seniors release endorphins, a medical term that refers to “feel-good hormones.” Once the brain discharges endorphins, seniors are likely to feel lesser pain. Researchers also prove that laughing improves an individual’s mood and emotion, relieves stress and anxiety, and brings calmness to seniors. Playing Bingo encompasses fun-filled thoughts, distracting adults from arthritic pains ad chronic diseases.

4. It speeds up the healing and recovery process.

One amazing revelation is that playing Bingo brings faster recovery for seniors. Research proves that seniors playing Bingo while healing from a surgery or operation shortens their hospital stays. Since Bingo provides social interaction, recovering seniors are less likely to feel alone, isolated, and depressed. Moreover, playing Bingo isn’t only a time for leisure; it also allows older adults to experience positive improvements in their moods and behaviors.

5. It strengthens physical and mental health.

Lastly, playing Bingo boosts seniors’ well-being. Though it can’t be referred to as a physical exercise, the social interaction, like laughter and excitement of winning, it brings to seniors supports their physical and mental health. Similarly, socially active seniors tend to have increased self-reliance. They don’t usually ask for assistance when they wear clothes or even going to the bathroom. You see, Bingo extends its benefits to families and caregivers, as it gives them the assurance they need that their senior loved one can do simple things by themselves alone.

Bingo Games at Oasis Adult Day Center

Oasis provides fun activities and classes to help seniors improve their physical, mental, psychological, and social well-being. The adult daycare center implements Bingo games that your senior loved one will enjoy.

Aside from those mentioned benefits, here are the things you need to know that you’ll surely enjoy from Oasis:

1. We provide social opportunities for seniors.

Our fun-filled Bingo game will inspire aging adults around the community. We gather seniors together in the same room physically and encourage them to interact with other people. Don’t worry; Oasis administrators don’t mind if seniors want to have a little chat with their seatmates while playing Bingo. They only need to make sure not to miss called numbers, as it can delay their possibility of winning.

2. We bring cross-generational activity to seniors.

Bingo game isn’t just for seniors; it caters to the whole family as well! You can share your experiences of playing Bingo with your family. Assess and re-evaluate how it meets your interests effectively, and we’re sure you’ll keep coming back at our center.

3. We deliver healthy competition.

Though Bingo games are purely about luck, Oasis strives to provide fair and healthy competition for seniors. We ensure to give only the best and honest Bingo treatment for all of our members.

4. We give fun and exciting rewards.

What’s the sense of playing Bingo if it doesn’t have any prize, right? Oasis gives prizes to seniors who won a particular entry. Rewards usually range from monetary awards to groceries, luxury goods, and products.

5. We cater to all seniors.

Physically-limited seniors can still participate in our Bingo games, as they only need to be alert whenever a number is being called out. Likewise, playing Bingo requires players to use their hands and eyes when searching for numbers.

Overall, playing Bingo gives not only a relaxing time but also numerous benefits to seniors. Now that you’ve learned the benefits of Bingo to aging adults encourage your loved ones to join this leisure activity. From improved hand and eye coordination to increased health and well-being, we’re sure you’d like your senior parents to reap those advantages immediately.

Oasis promises to deliver programs that will help seniors feel young at heart. Don’t let your worries eat your mind, as Oasis guarantees a safe and secure environment towards a healthier you.

What are you waiting for? Join other seniors and play Bingo today!

We’re located at 1930 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Contact us at our email contact@oasisdaycenter.com or give us a call at (718) 682-7843.

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