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Better Care and Services for the Elderly

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Better Care and Services for the Elderly Care

Oasis Day Center strives to provide above-average care to seniors. We provide excellency in terms of activities and services that cater to the needs of the elderly. Moreover, senior daycare offers health-promoting activities to seniors while giving their caregivers a respite from their responsibilities.

Adult daycare centers are open during day time. It provides safe and encouraging communities to dependent seniors while receiving mental, social, and emotional attention they need through the center’s organized activities and services. Likewise, adult daycare assures family members tranquility while they are busy with other responsibilities, such as work.

Family members benefit from adult daycare as it provides the necessary services to promote the well-being of the elderly not only physically but socially as well. Activities provided in the adult daycare include outing trips, social classes, and healthy foods. Nevertheless, seniors reap off substantial benefits from these services confidently.

Oasis Day Center: Mission and Goals

Oasis Day Center is an adult daycare center that provides excellent services to help seniors feel young again. It employs staff members who underwent significant training to ensure they encompass a genuine connection to the elders. The center goes beyond the typical daycare center as it guarantees only the best and exceptional services tailored to seniors’ needs.

What sets Oasis Day Center apart from other adult daycare is the ability to treat each senior on an individual and personal basis. It also envisions a sense of community by establishing a human connection with one another.

Benefits of Adult Daycare Center

Statistics show that allowing seniors to participate in adult day care centers leads to an increased lifespan and healthier body. This result lies behind the effectiveness of the centers’ activities and services that promote well-being to each individual, catering to seniors’ individual and personal experiences.

Here are some of the activities that stimulate positive health-, social-, behavioral, and psychological-related outcomes to both seniors and family members.

Outings and Trips

Adult daycare provides human and social connections to the elders, making them possible through social outings and trips. Trips to a local community, park, or casino weekly provide seniors great experiences to remember. It also gives a good time to bond with other seniors and develops a sense of established community, which is the ultimate goal of Oasis Day Center.

Planned trips need to incorporate good transportation. Oasis caters to this service by having professional, emphatic drivers that value seniors’ time. They care about the schedule and provide the best journey to seniors.

Seniors gain advantage from local outings and trips. As such, it improves their cognitive function, increases emotional health, boosts mood, increases sleep, and enhances the immune system against diseases. Additionally, a trip to a local park can help seniors recharge their energies, as connecting with nature gives them a good vibe about their surroundings.

Classes and Activities

Aside from outings and trips, social classes are among the great ways to engage seniors with physical and mental exercises they need to become well. When providing one, the center should focus on activities tailored to their community’s abilities and health conditions. Some examples include the following:

Yoga services

Focusing on seniors’ agility, strength, and flexibility, yoga  classes offer various opportunities to the elders in the adult daycare center. Oasis provides yoga sessions to rejuvenate seniors positively. Several published journals reviewed the health benefits of yoga to seniors. Researchers prove that yoga classes help in improving the elders’ mood and anxiety scales. It also enhances blood flow circulation and decreases levels of uric acid, which is better for seniors suffering from arthritis.

Tai Chi exercises

Adult daycare centers should also incorporate healthy exercises to promote wellness to seniors. A good example of an exercise is Tai Chi, which is beneficial for seniors. For as little as twenty minutes, seniors

benefit by having a relaxed body and mind. Studies reveal that seniors who are into Tai Chi exercise gained better balance, mental sharpness, and reduced chronic pain compared to elders who are not. Oasis offers Tai Chi exercises help seniors obtain these benefits, along with weight loss, increased muscle functioning, and decreased inflammation as well.

Art classes

Aside from yoga classes, art activities help improve seniors’ moods and conditions. This activity also caters to seniors with anxiety and depression, as art classes guide them in expressing their inner emotions through different patterns. Oasis offers inspirational and social art classes that help elders unbottle not only their talents but also their emotions as well. Meanwhile, inexperienced seniors can still take part in art classes since Oasis employs professionals to help seniors put their imaginations on a blank canvas.

Physical activities

Another way adult daycare center enhances seniors’ strength and capability is through physical activities and interaction. Likewise, exploring mornings gives benefits to elders, as the sun gives Vitamin D effectively. Being outdoor for a while increases seniors’ white blood cells, helping them recover faster from a disease or illness. From simple hula-hoop  to calming activities, Oasis organizes activities that allow seniors to have their best time outdoors under the sun without too much exhilaration.

Gardening excursions

Aside from fun activities, light gardening activities cater to seniors’ health. Gardening brings seniors closer to nature and gives them a good dose of Vitamin D as they watch their plants grow simultaneously. Aside from these benefits, elders can do gardening activities to relieve their stress, resulting in a happier and healthier mind. Studies show that gardening also lowers the risks of dementia since it requires sensory awareness and coordination.

Computer classes

Last but not least, extending services to computer classes help seniors expand their knowledge about technologies. As such, technology- driven activities give the elders intellectual challenges; they need to keep their minds healthy and well. For instance, educating them about how social media works enable them to reconnect with past acquaintances seamlessly.

Healthy Foods

Aside from outings and activities, adult day care centers also need to emphasize the importance of foods they bring to the seniors’ table. Health institutions believe that centers should provide a well-balanced diet to help seniors fit and healthy. Each food must be tailored to seniors’ diet and medical conditions. Good food enhances the elders’ health, energy, and mood.

According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging, one out of four aging adults has poor nutrition. The research implies that adults can have weaker muscles and bones as they age. Oasis understands this issue and provides proactive food services to guarantee family members only the best nutritional value to their loved ones.

Oasis values the statement “good food leads to a good life” and implements it accordingly. It prepares fresh, in-house made meals daily. Before giving meals to seniors, Oasis professional staff members ensure to take note of each senior’s calory intake and medical condition, most especially to adults who require a strict diet.

The center supplies special nutritional needs for the elders. It includes the right amount of fiber, protein, Vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin

  1. Aside from these vitamins, foods served at Oasis places the importance of omega 3 fatty acids to maintain seniors’ heart health.
Final Thoughts

For adults working full-time at their jobs, taking good care of their parents would be difficult, as they need a flexible schedule to provide the needs of their parents. Looking for a caregiver would be a good idea, but it does not guarantee positive effects on seniors as they are entrapped in their homes. Fortunately, adult daycare centers exist to provide your aging parents the most convenient ways that cater to their physical, psychological, and mental health needs. The benefits of daycare programs to your loved ones are too great to be ignored, as they provide the necessary activities to keep your aging parents healthy and well.

To learn more about daycare in Brooklyn, New York, call Oasis Day Center at (718) 682-7843 or contact us at contact@oasisdaycenter.com.

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