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Exercises for Chair-Bound Seniors: Yoga, Resistance Bands, and Tai Chi

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Aging influences one’s strength and flexibility, but that doesn’t mean seniors can’t exercise any more.

Here’s a fact. You don’t need to have full versatility to benefit from exercises. Whether an injury or condition affected your mobility, don’t worry, as many simple workouts can help improve your physical and mental health.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Research reveals that exercising contribute to longevity, adding extra years to your life. As people age, it’s important to recognize exercises as part of daily living. By realizing its relevance to your body’s overall health, you’re likely to obtain a better, quality life.

Physical health benefits of exercise for seniors include the following:

  • Exercising is an effective strategy to lose and maintain your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is certainly challenging, but the wealth benefits it provides to your body is favorable. With proper exercises, you’ll burn calories, increase metabolism, and strengthen your bones and joints.
  • Improved health reduces one’s susceptibility to illnesses. As Medline Plus suggests, exercises increase seniors’ immunity to certain weaknesses. For example, gentle activities help flush bacteria out of your lungs and airways. Regular workout also improves your antibodies and white blood cells, which are helpful cells in attacking viruses in your body.
  • Aging adults that are fond of exercising have a lowered risk of chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Mild exercises also promote bone strength, which wards off the development of bone cancer and osteoporosis.
  • Seniors who have limited mobility don’t only lose their agility, but also their versatility and flexibility as well. Chair-bound seniors benefit from simple workouts, as they help with balance, posture, and coordination.

Meanwhile, here are the mental health benefits of gentle exercises for older adults:

  • Sleep disorders, like apnea and insomnia, are inevitable as people grow older. To prevent this from happening, gentle exercises should be implemented. Researchers conclude that exercise improves seniors’ sleeping patterns, helping them to sleep quickly and deeply.
  • Aside from peaceful sleep, seniors can reap off positive mood that comes from exercises. When we make body movements, our body releases a good amount of endorphins, which is liable for energizing your mood, improving your self-confidence, and revitalizing your outlook in life.
  • Chair-bound seniors gain reduced ADHD symptoms through exercise. It helps in improving the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels, all of which are connected to an individual’s concentration, focus, and memory.
  • Gaining a more positive outlook in life eases seniors’ feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. Besides mental health benefits, you’ll be rewarded with happier thoughts. Exercising is a good way for aging adults to release stress. As we all know, stress impacts our muscles, contributing to headaches as well as neck and back pain.
  • Aging adults suffer from reduced blood flow around their brain’s frontal cortex, which is responsible for communication and organization skills. With the right type of physical exercise, chair-bound seniors will have an improved blood flow that functions at its highest levels.
Gentle Exercises for Chair-Bound Seniors
front view of happy senior man exercising in fitne
front view of happy senior man exercising in fitne

As we mentioned earlier, having limited mobility doesn’t mean you cannot cater to exercise anymore. Here are the proven, tested gentle exercises that can accommodate to your needs while sitting comfortably on your wheelchair.

  • Chair yoga. It is an adaptive fitness program that accommodates seniors who can’t try the traditional methods of physical exercise because of limited mobility. Moreover, chair yoga focuses on one’s strength, flexibility, and meditation. Through proper posture and breathing components, the exercise allows chair-bound participants to develop their breathing patterns, body functions, and joint health. Staying seated while doing yoga exercise is safe, even for frail seniors. It’s among the great ways to stretch muscles, loosen up joints, lower blood pressure, and regulate the sleep cycle.

Chair yoga is also beneficial to seniors suffering from bone and weight problems, like osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes. This type of exercise also addresses the most common concern of seniors: falling. With chair yoga, seniors prevent falls and reduce fatality.

  • Resistance bands. Aging adults need to develop their muscle’s strength, and one way to promote it is through resistance training. Resistance bands are giant rubber bands that give chair-bound seniors something to stretched and pulled. Although it might sound simple, stretching and pulling resistance bands improve seniors’ muscle groups. There are a variety of exercises you can do with resistance bands: by using both arms, furniture, or a doorknob to stretch the rubber band.

Resistance bands are lightweight; they are easy to use and carry. One of the activities you can do with a resistance band is bicep curls, which is useful for pulling yourself up, carrying groceries, or getting on public transportation.

  • Chair Tai Chi. Another exercise that chair-bound seniors can enjoy is chair Tai Chi. The only difference with the traditional one is that chair Tai Chi occurs while participants are sitting, making it a good option for mobility-limited and frail older adults. It involves stretching and flexible patterns that improve seniors’ range of motion.

Besides agility, chair Tai Chi develops seniors’ immune system, mood, sleep, and concentration –all contribute to a positive outlook in life. Similar to chair yoga, it implements breathing sessions that enhance balance and prevent potential falls. Chair Tai Chi also reduces chronic pains, most especially on tendons and ligaments.

If you’re chair-bound, stretching your muscles regularly can change your life. It relieves the pressure on your muscles that comes with sitting for a long time. With the mentioned exercises for movement-limited seniors, we’re sure that you’re going to get increased flexibility and range of motion as well. 

To guarantee that you’re doing the correct practices for these exercises, you can join group classes in your community, like in adult daycare centers.

Try Oasis’ Gentle Exercises Today

At Oasis, we currently implement fun and refreshing activities that cater to seniors’ health and needs. Oasis specializes in personalized care to all seniors, and we recognize the importance of programs intended for chair-bound participants.

We employ professional caretakers and deliver quality programs that match your needs. Aside from physical and mental health benefits, you’re likely to reap off the advantages of socializing with other seniors. If you’re interested, call us at (718) 682 7843. You can also send us an email at contact@oasisdaycenter.com. We cannot wait to see you!

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