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Where Your Worries Can Retire

The benefits of gardening

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Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Gardening brings us into nature and helps us connect with the environment, not only do you get a splash of vitamin D as you watch those flowers grow, there are also many health benefits we may reap along the way.

Gardening can relieve stress

Alleviating stress is critical to our health as stress can cause high blood pressure and affect your blood sugar, researchers have found that gardening lowers your cortisol levels which can cause stress.

Gardening can make you happier

While gardening lowers our cortisol levels, it has is also been found to increase our serotonin levels which is a chemical in our brains which make us happy and helps us stay calm!

Gardening can keep you fit

Although you are not likely to go jogging while gardening, we can be sure that gardening gets your blood pumping and can count as exercise, after all it takes physical energy to plant crops and pull weeds while you bend and squat down. Exercise is good for the body and slows the aging process. Make sure you do a quick stretch before you start your garden routine!

Gardening can lower the risk of dementia

Gardening requires you to be coordinated and exhibit a high level of sensory awareness. As you coordinate with your hands and eyes you are working your sense of awareness which may be why researchers have found that gardening helps lower the risk of dementia.

Gardening can boost the immune system

Spending time in the garden can boost your immune system! Studies have show that there is friendly nonpathogenic species of soil bacteria called (Mycobacterium vaccae) which can be found in garden dirt. This bacterium lives naturally in soil and can boost your immune system and work as an anti-depressant and reduce stress.

Here at Oasis, we recognize these benefits that gardening offers which is why we have created an exclusive space within our facility where our members can garden to their hearts content. What are you waiting for, let’s see your green thumb in action! Come visit our garden today!


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In the wake of the Corona Virus outbreak, we have closed our center to the seniors of our community to protect them from this dangerous virus. However we have now created a dedicated Facebook group for seniors in Brooklyn and are preparing digital events so that you can stay connected with your community!

Even though to stay safe we should practice social isolation, it does not mean we have to do it alone!
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