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Importance of Dietary Meals in Adult Day Care

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To keep a healthy mind and body, you need to eat foods to sustain your dietary needs. Your body’s physiological and metabolic processes change as you reach midlife. Seniors experience a slower metabolic rate, resulting in weakened muscles and bones. One of the effective ways to combat diseases is to create healthy diet plans for adults.

In fact, the Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging define sarcopenia as a common muscle issue among seniors. It is known as the loss of muscle protein mass and function, causing frailty among older adults. Seniors’ physical body changes affect their nutritional diet. They tend to have weakened senses, making them more inclined to heavily salted food. Take note that high salt content on foods provides no benefits at all, as it might lead to serious complications related to kidney failure.

Meanwhile, depression is likely to affect a senior’s health. It can contribute to isolation and lead to possible malnutrition if not treated immediately. Malnutrition can cause critical issues to seniors, as they are not having the right amount of nutrients and proteins they need. If seniors continue to have a scrawny body, they could suffer from a weakened immune system, iron-deficiency, as well as heart and lung problems.

To avoid these illnesses, older adults need to have sufficient energy by taking food supplements that cater to their health. Dietary meals help seniors boost their immune system, increase wellness, and strengthen their muscles. If you have an aging parent, fight their sense of loneliness by sharing meals with them.

It’s never too late to change seniors’ meal patterns; improving their diet plans will provide a more positive outlook in their lives. Seniors toughen their immune system that fights illness-causing bacteria. It also reduces the risks of getting heart diseases, strokes, and high blood pressure. Aside from these, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids help seniors sharpen memories and improve focus -reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Lastly, a proper diet helps the elderly to improve their mood and self-esteem. All of these combined, seniors with healthy meal plans live longer, happier lives than those who are not.

The good thing here is that there are adult daycares that provide meal plans to seniors, and among them is Oasis Day Center. Our center emphasizes high-quality foods savored with seniors’ dietary needs. Oasis Day Center also accommodates special requests that are made in-house.

Guidelines of Healthy Foods for Seniors

Seniors should not experience complications when it comes to eating foods. Oasis Day Center implements proper nutritional values based on Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Our food services adapt to the most current, scientific evidence for seniors’ healthy diet. Oasis Day Center makes sure to provide meal plans that help the elders to avoid diet-related chronic diseases.

Adult daycare should provide the following food recommendations, as stated by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans:

Apply healthy eating patterns across lifespan.

Individuals, especially seniors, must consider their food and beverage choices. These meals should have enough proteins and vitamins that will help achieve their ideal weight. Having a healthy eating pattern reduces a senior’s risk of getting inflammatory and chronic diseases. Examples of food choices include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains.

Emphasize the food variety.

Aside from eating patterns, adult daycare centers need to incorporate assorted foods and beverages across food groups and subgroups. For instance, Oasis Day Center practices meal plates that sustain the correct nutritional values for the seniors. It makes sure that it does not exceed the calorie limit and includes the right amount of meal course. For a meal to be considered healthy, it should have nutrient-dense foods from each food category: fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, protein, and oils.

Limit calories on food meals.

Adult daycare centers should train their kitchen staff in terms of the appropriate amount of saturated fats, trans fats, sugars, and sodium. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans provided a table that estimates calorie needs daily and based them according to age, sex, and physical activity level. Starting at age 61, male and female seniors need at least 2,000 and 1,600 calories, respectively. Physically active adults need to have 2,600 calories for men and 2,000 calories women.

Shift from less to more healthy food choices.

Homebound seniors are more likely to consume general food and beverage choices. Allowing them to participate in adult day care centers does not only help them socialize but also maintain healthy bodies. Nevertheless, Oasis Day center considers each senior’s cultural and personal food preferences, making it easier for them to shift from normal to vigorous meals.

Support healthy eating patterns.

Varying factors affect seniors’ food preferences, some of which include resources, physical activities, and the environment. Oasis understands the social-ecological model of seniors that shapes their perspectives of meal patterns. For instance, one’s demographics, personal factors, physical activities, and resources result in an individual’s health outcome.

Dietary Meals are More Than Just Food

It has been scientifically proven that food or meal sharing increases an individual’s appetite. Oasis believes that a senior’s health does not only count on food choices but also with their socialization skills. Encouraging seniors to eat with other age-group help them enjoy their meal. This process encompasses the same importance as adding proteins to their meal plans.

Ideally, adult daycare provides a social atmosphere that allows seniors to communicate and interact with one another. Eating their foods, while being accompanied by someone, gives them benefits similar to friendly mingling. Seniors can make healthy meals enjoyable by shopping or cooking meals with others. They can save money on discounts intended for senior citizens.

What is more, mealtimes are more than just eating food preferences -it is also about a social experience that alleviates stress and improves mood. If you have aging parents, you can gather family members regularly to keep updated from each other. Moreover, Oasis provides meal programs and services that guarantee both nutritious meals and companionships for seniors.

Try a meal plan at Oasis today!

Our Oasis community employs trained chefs and kitchen staff that prepare meals in-house. We cater to all food preferences and ensure good-quality food plans. Improve your food choices by participating in our services. We cannot wait to serve the food you’ll surely love! Contact or give us a call today. See you!

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