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“Let’s Talk Money Discussion” Session Relevance for Seniors

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Financial matters affect all individuals, most especially aging adults. As people age, their goals change, influencing their spending habits.

Growing older doesn’t imply that humans become smarter in managing their financial needs. In fact, some seniors face challenges due to their lack of knowledge. Since cognitive memory declines as seniors age, their ability to make sound financial decisions is affected. Good thing, financial education helps seniors take a step back to realize their spending behaviors. Since their priorities shift, it is essential to know if they’re managing their budget effectively. The more they know how to handle their funds, the better their senior lives could be.

“Let’s Talk Money Discussion” Session

All of us dream about getting a good retirement plan by the time we reach the 60-year mark. Although it’s not always possible to achieve one, you can still provide for your needs by budgeting your finances efficiently.

Here at Oasis Adult Day Center, we implement a session called “Let’s Talk Money Discussion.” It is a program that provides seniors valuable lessons concerning financial budget and management. Our program coordinators offer helpful tips, tricks, and strategies that seniors need to start doing today.

By joining our session, we’re sure you’ll get the following information that caters to seniors’ financial awareness.

1. Goal-Setting

Attending the session helps seniors become more aware of their current situation and the impact it has on their financial needs. In terms of goal-setting, aging adults need to have a direction where they want to want to find themselves in the future. Seniors may want to ask themselves, “Is this the life I want?” By narrowing goals, it would be easier for seniors to know their living arrangements. Older adults also need to take note of their past time activities and hobbies as part of their plan. Without those, they’ll tend to live a boring life.

As seniors continue to hit an additional decade mark, they need to employ elderly care and assistance. Through Oasis’ “Let’s Talks Money Discussion” program, seniors get a chance to envision the things they need for the rest of their lives. The session also provides them opportunities for creating a more solid foundation of financial security and stability.

2. Short- and Long-Term Planning

As seniors become focused on the things they want to achieve, short- and long-term planning applies. Financial management requires aging adults to think beyond what is presented to them. For example, they need to create wiser strategies based on their specific goals. With possible risks in mind, seniors would be able to provide another strategy if their original plan didn’t work successfully. The preparation usually involves emergency savings, healthcare necessities, long-term care, investments, life insurance, and end-of-life planning.

Financial illiteracy takes you to nowhere. Many seniors believe that they shouldn’t worry about healthcare costs until it hits them. However, it would be too late for them to realize the importance of saving money for their healthcare expenses. With this in mind, seniors must start investing their time, energy, and effort on how to make their savings worth it.

3. Budget Management

Aside from goal-oriented tactics, the session involves how seniors can manage their resources successfully. “Let’s Talk Money Discussion” session implements a talk where seniors can understand the importance of budget management even more. Every dollar counts, so seniors need to build a fruitful plan that caters to their needs. The program helps seniors determine fixed and uncertain monthly expenses, like mortgage and groceries, respectively.

Seniors are still normal individuals. They tend to have discretionary expenses that need to be considered as part of the budget plan. Examples of those expenses include lifestyle and entertainment. Lastly, budget management also incorporates periodic expenses, such as property taxes or home repairs.

4. Financial Guide

Seniors are vulnerable to cognitive decline, which means that budgeting their financial expenses alone could be overwhelming for them. Because of this event, seniors need to seek help from other people. Oasis’ program stresses the importance of people whom you can trust with your financial responsibilities.

Seniors are more likely to ask for help from trusted relatives. Most of them ask their children to guide them in administering their financial aspects. Aging parents usually ask for their children’s assistance when it comes to paying bills or taxes, running on grocery stores, depositing money on bank accounts, and many more. Aside from asking children to do errands, seniors could hire a licensed financial advisor who will help them budget their resources. These are trained advisors that provide financial services to clients based on their financial situation. Additionally, seniors can benefit from government sectors that offer daily money management. You can also seek professional advice from Oasis’Adult Day Center’s “Let’s Talk Money Discussion” scheduled session.

5. Scam and Fraud Prevention

Currently, scammers perceive that seniors are easy targets for money fraud. That’s why seniors need to stay alert at all times. Regardless of how much money you have at your bank account, scammers still want them. Be mindful when giving personal details to a stranger; talk to a licensed financial advisor as much as possible. Sessions that provide financial literacy provide great ways for seniors to be conscious of their surroundings. Those programs help seniors identify the common techniques that scammers used to trick the elderly.

Unfortunately, relatives even abused seniors in terms of financial matters. With the lessons provided in the budget management session, Oasis believes that seniors will be vigilant at all times.

At the end of the day, financial literacy matters. It helps in empowering aging adults to deal and plan their monetary affairs confidently. Likewise, it helps them avoid common fraudulent activities today. With the said engagement, “Let’s Talk Money Discussion” helps seniors visualize the relevance of planning their necessities to create a better lifestyle as they age.

Encouraging your senior loved to budget their expenses is a good strategy for them to create a more convenient retirement plan. You can also take advantage of the Oasis Adult Day Center program, as it provides excellent tips and tricks to get seniors better at budgeting, planning, and excelling in their financial lives.

Are you interested in our financial education program? Join a session with us today!

Visit our page for more information. You can call us at (718) 682-7843 or email us at contact@oasisdaycenter.com. We look forward to meeting you!

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