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Where Your Worries Can Retire

Lively Aging and the Power of Human Connection

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Changes are inevitable. Regardless of age, individuals need to cope with life’s transition difficulties from teen to adolescent into adulthood. However, changes are even more problematic with seniors. They need to deal with children moving away, weakened physical strength, and declining health. Seniors can still live a brighter life as long as they have a positive attitude towards healthy aging.

Lively Aging: Definition and Myths

Aging adults are unique from one another. Several cases imply that optimistic seniors tend to have a longer lifespan compared to those who are not. Vibrant aging defines the ability to revive oneself while progressing to landmark ages, especially the 60s, 70s, 80s, and so forth. Staying healthy emphasizes the social, physical, and mental well-being of an individual. The process usually includes discovering new things you might enjoy doing, adjusting to changes, and staying connected with loved ones.

However, stress and anxiety contribute to seniors’ vulnerability. The longer they live, the more they lose. Losing a loved one affects their mental and emotional health, which can even lead to depression. Thus, someone must lend an ear to help seniors assess their feelings. Take note that the inability to let go of resentment could even bring more harm to both seniors and family members. Talking issues and connecting with people of the same age group is among the best ways to help seniors get out of their comfort zones. Good thing, adult daycare centers provide interactive classes and activities that aging adults can benefit from.

To help seniors live a vibrant life, they need to find their purpose. As they continue to age, their skills, strengths, and cores shift. It would be difficult for seniors to explore new skills, but taking the time to find one would be worth it. Adult daycare centers provide seniors the opportunity to know themselves better. Though they might cater to different needs, these centers ensure numerous benefits that the elders can get by participating in activities — joining a class help seniors explore their skills more and expand their social network simultaneously. Oasis Day Center incorporates social outings for seniors to great places, such as local parks and trips. This social activity helps them improve their physical health and self-esteem.

Aging comes with several myths that everyone should know. People believe that once an individual enters the senior’s age, his body weakens, along with strength and muscles. Factbased, seniors’ physical health depends on how well they prevent illnesses. Active seniors usually have healthy eating and good exercise that help them maintain their balance. Another myth involved is that an individual’s brain loses focus as they age. The truth lies behind proper brain training and cognitive activities to keep your brain sharp. Furthermore, vibrant aging starts with the activities you do to keep your health being positive.

The Power of Human Connection in Lively Aging

As people age, social connection is as important as healthy eating. Individuals need to interact with other people to keep their minds and bodies active.

According to Novotney’s research, loneliness is largely related to health and mental risks. Agings adults who isolate themselves are exposed to health risks similar to smoking fifteen cigarettes daily and cases of obesity. Additionally, isolation heightens stress, impedes sleep, and provokes anxiety. The lack of family encouragement and support is a factor that triggers depression among seniors, which can even lead to risks of dementia.

Seniors may not have the same chance of socializing as they did when they were teens or younger. Nevertheless, they can increase their socialization through the following:

Meet up with friends or acquaintances.

Statistics show that seniors who isolate themselves from others have higher levels of stress hormones. This vulnerability can lead to body inflammation that slows down the seniors’ immune systems. To avoid this problem, they need to become socially active. Seniors should not wait for other people to call them for visits. Make the call and try catching up with loved ones, relatives, or friends, and make it their priority every single day. Life is short; do not waste time on spending time alone when you can use them to build a more positive outlook on life.

Participating in classes or activities intended for the same age group.

Several communities provide programs that cater to aging adults’ needs. Adult daycare services encourage family members to give seniors significant programs that will improve their mind, body, and well-being. They usually offer classes, such as art and computer activities, gardening, yoga, meditation, and many more. These centers also provide safe outdoor trips that seniors will enjoy. Nature trips help seniors improve their mood while mingling with others at the same time.

Social media applications.

The power of human connection does not only work face-to-face, as social media networks provide one. Online activities help immobile seniors to connect with their distant relatives and friends seamlessly. Oasis Day Center provides computer classes to seniors, dealing with online access and interaction. The class guarantees seniors the knowledge they need in building their accounts and connecting with online friends. Moreover, technical proficiency also helps aging adults gain self-reliance and independence.

At the end of the day, seniors need to socialize with others as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps them improve communication skills and become a good speaker or listener. Once they have these skills, they can express their sentiments better. This ability prevents the health-related risks of depression and isolation. As a family member, you need to understand the importance of encouraging senior loved ones to be more socially active as they age. It provides benefits that eating healthy foods and exercising cannot offer.

Try the “Mix, Mingle, and Connect” and class sessions today at Oasis Day Center!

Oasis Day Center promotes a social community by incorporating classes and connects sessions. It caters to seniors’ sense of belongingness and offers social engagement. Oasis employs professional staff members to provide benefits to seniors. We offer different sessions to members and first-time guests. Just visit Oasis Adult Day center, located at 1930 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, or give us a call at (718) 790-4086. You can also email at contact@oasisdaycenter.com. We are excited to see you!

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