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Mix, Mingle and Connect

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Mix, Mingle and Connect

“Mix, Mingle and Connect” Session Benefits for the Elderly

Seniors may not get the opportunity to socialize the same as they did when they were younger.

Social interaction provides benefits that seniors may not know about. It helps them maintain a sharp mind and a healthy body. Socializing can even avoid dementia, as it engages seniors’ brains to various neural networks that promote strength and capability. Several studies claim that social interaction offers aging adults many benefits. Seniors can gain strong physical and emotional health and cognitive functions by being socially active.

Aside from staying socially active, seniors need to maintain interpersonal relationships to live a long lifespan. Through Oasis “Mix, Mingle, and Connect” classes, seniors develop a community where social relationships and interactions occur. These sessions can even help seniors fight illnesses as social interaction improves their immunity system.

How Can Seniors Stay Socially Active

Seniors who have spent most of their lives in a scheduled routine will find social groups fun and engaging. Booking them for social classes gives them a reason to enjoy their lives. Aside from spending time with relatives and friends, seniors also benefit from interacting with non-family members. The interaction with strangers give them a chance to know other seniors’ condition and connect with them.

Visiting an adult daycare center helps seniors get socially active. For instance, Oasis Day Center caters to seniors’ needs by providing them classes and sessions that would keep them busy interacting with the same age group. It offers leisure interests that allow senior socialization, even catering to elders who have mobility issues. Seniors benefit from interactive social sessions, like crafts, gardening, and other social events that will encourage them to go out more.

Moreover, signing up seniors for classes or trips designed for aging adults permits them to experience fun adventures and meet new people as well.

Mix, Mingle and Connect Sessions

Many seniors suffer from loneliness that may lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. Losing a loved one, particularly spouse, is a contributing factor of depression to widowed spouses. Immobile seniors may isolate themselves from their families, as they believe they could no longer enjoy physical activities with them. Lastly, seniors’ frustrations over medical problems and financial loss add to their depression.

If these factors continue to arise, loneliness can affect seniors’ physical and mental well-being. Seniors could suffer from higher anxiety levels, lesser physical activities, and increased systolic blood pressure. If not treated immediately, seniors are at risk of early death.

Senior daycare centers offer great ways for aging adults to remain socially, physically, and mentally active. These centers allow the elders to connect with other people who share similar interests as them. They also create age-related programs where seniors can participate, including and not limited to fitness and educational programs.

Oasis provides “Mix, Mingle, and Connect” sessions that allow seniors to participate in events they are interested in. It builds a community where older adults can relax and connect at the same time. “Mix, Mingle, and Connect” classes offer a lifestyle to seniors where they can enjoy interacting with other seniors while focusing on other activities. These sessions involve art classes, gardening, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi exercises, computer courses, outings, and Socacise.

Getting Online as a Social Activity for Seniors

Aside from personal interaction with other aging adults, seniors can also benefit from social media platforms. Being socially active does not only imply being engaged personally, as there are other great ways for seniors to communicate with their families and friends through the internet. Seniors who don’t understand how to create profiles on those platforms benefit from adult daycare centers that provide computer classes as part of their senior programs. Nevertheless, Oasis Day Center offers computer classes and teaches how the internet works for seniors.

Allowing seniors to attend Oasis’ computer classes gives them the idea to keep in touch with their past acquaintances through social media. This is an essential program for seniors with limited mobility, as they only need smartphones to interact with others. Once seniors learn how to access these platforms, they can socialize easily with other people. They can join online forums and discussions or share pictures with families who don’t have enough time to visit them.

The Benefits of Being Socially Active

Seniors need to socialize and interact with others as part of maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Communicating with other people helps prevent depression, which is common with seniors. Socializing keeps elders’ minds active. The Alzheimer’s Association encourages families in motivating seniors to socially connect with other people to sustain brain and cognitive function. The institution added that allowing seniors to participate in fun and recreational activities give them benefits they can reap off.

Researchers reveal that socially active seniors are some of the happiest and healthiest compared to introvert ones of their age group. Likewise, keeping seniors busy with lots of mingling sessions and social connection improve their lives. It can even improve seniors’ immune systems that prevent them from getting illnesses.

Moreover, specific health benefits of social interaction for seniors include reduced risks for cardiovascular problems, cancers, and rheumatoid arthritis. Interacting with people helps seniors maintain cognitive function and stimulate their minds as well. Elders can also benefit from adult day care services, as they provide programs that cater to their social needs. They usually offer classes that enhance moods and decrease stress while building positive relationships with other seniors. Lastly, social activities keep seniors’ minds and bodies healthy, contributing to the quality and longer life.

As people age, interest in promoting and maintaining health increases. Oasis Day Center holds that social interactions and relationships play an essential role in helping seniors achieve a healthier life. The services it offers help seniors build social engagement and a sense of belongingness. Furthermore, family members must support and encourage seniors to have more social interaction. It will provide them the benefits they need to enjoy their interests while nurturing a healthy life.

Try the “Mix, Mingle, and Connect” session today at Oasis!

Oasis employs professional staff members to provide benefits to seniors. We offer different sessions to members and first-time guests. Just visit Oasis Adult Day center, located at 1930 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, or give us a call at (718) 790-4086. You can also email at contact@oasisdaycenter.com. We’re excited to see you!

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