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Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga You Didn’t Know About

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Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga You Didn’t Know About

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on meditation, agility, and strength. From ancient times until now, people use Yoga to promote healthy conditions through posture and breathing components. Several studies suggest that Yoga helps seniors improve their balance and stability, along with enhanced breathing patterns, body functions, and joint health.
So, how does Yoga benefit the elderly?

So, how does Yoga benefit the elderly?

Researchers explore the therapeutic effects of Yoga on a multitude of different ailments and conditions. Under the International Journal of Yoga, Volume 4, Issue 2, the author provides pieces of evidence that prove yogic practices enhance an individual’s muscular strength, boost cardiovascular functions, reduce stress, and improve flexibility. These simple, non-medicinal ways provide the best ways of helping seniors maintain their health.

What is Yoga?

About 5,000 years ago, India created Yoga to boost one’s balance and flexibility. Different countries adapt to yoga classes and diversify them accordingly. For instance, senior daycare institutions hold yoga classes as part of their services. Yoga does more than toning muscles and burning calories. It helps seniors improve not only their physical but also mental health.
Yoga types have an endless list, but professional trainers use “gentle” yoga practices for the elderly. Some of them include:

  • Viniyoga – This is an adaptive type of Yoga that caters to poses that seniors need.

  • Kripalu – In this Yoga, trainers provide posture and allows individuals to work at their comforts.

  • Iyengar – Meanwhile, this yoga category focuses on slow, yet, accurate alignment and proper formation.

  • Hatha –This is a type of Yoga that mixes basic styles that are ideal for beginners.

  • Sivananda – Lastly, seniors who need to improve their physical condition can reap advantages from this type of Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga for Senior Care


Stabilizes mood

Seniors are vulnerable to the feeling of uneasiness. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, yoga postures have a direct association with increased brain γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels. Researchers proved that the GABA levels have significant improvements in mood and anxiety scales. Thus, Yoga has beneficial effects and helps improve your mood and stress.

Several case studies focus on Yoga’s positive effect on depression and anxiety. Depressed seniors need to incorporate Yoga as part of their daily routine. It will help them control their mood and relax their minds, both of which can result in sound sleeping patterns. Lastly, Yoga increases body awareness, sharpens attention, and calms the central nervous system

Boosts strength and flexibility

Yoga classes target different muscles through stretching motions. Gentle stretching of your arms, neck, and body ensures that you maintain a good range of flexibility as you age. Researchers conclude that a limited range of motion often causes accidental falls. Unlike regular exercises that need tough activities, Yoga does not implement one. Ideally, it focuses on slow and measured movements to assist body balance and movement. You can benefit from Yoga’s stretching by expanding your mobility seamlessly.
Meanwhile, seniors should know the importance of flexibility as a key component of physical fitness. Yoga has lots to offer in terms of flexibility. Yoga has different sets of poses to help seniors lengthen and stretch their muscles in the safest way possible. Health experts provide scientific explanations of how stretching makes individuals feel better. Stretching your arms releases your tension and stress. Letting go of your physical tension also implies relieving your mental nervousness. These ideas support why Yoga is good at reducing anxiety while increasing a healthy mind.

Increases muscle tone

You experience residual muscle tension when your muscles resist passive stretching activities at rest. A wellness expert at Duke University states that Yoga helps individuals strengthen their muscles, although it is not the fastest route to get one. Studies support this idea that energetic movements burn calories and fat faster. As more calories are burned, the body produces more visible muscles.

Moreover, Yoga is a special form of strength training that increases your muscle’s tension, which is helpful during a sudden push. An increased muscle tone helps maintain balance against the dangers of accidental falls. Additionally, Yoga strengthens your abdomen’s core balance. Seniors need to know that the stronger the core, the more balanced you are.

Reduces pain from arthritis

Seniors’ bones are prone to losing density, which results in stiffer joints. Highly-trained yoga professionals target poses for effective exacerbation of joint pains. Recent scientific studies show that practicing Yoga helps individuals suffering from different types of arthritis to recover from pain conveniently. As such, doing yoga poses reduces joint pains, improves joint flexibility, and lowers anxiety to the elderly.

Nevertheless, yoga classes ensure safe postures and target seniors who have stability issues, most especially those who are suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. Likewise, Yoga helps people with arthritis build stronger muscles and develop balance. This is also a practice that seniors will enjoy enough to do routinely.

Reduces acute and chronic strains

High-intensity strength training can cause acute strain on your body. Meanwhile, chronic strains are often caused by repetitive, pro-longed movements of certain muscles.
Regardless of the type, these strains result in mild to moderate pain, decreased range of motion, and muscle spasms. Yoga classes help older adults to integrate an exercise program without the drawbacks of extensive workouts, like weight-lifting. What is more, you are less likely to experience injuries from a yoga class, as you only need your body weight for proper breathing and postures. Seniors who experience back pain greatly benefit from Yoga’s forward folds and twists, as these poses help relieve lower back pain effectively.

Enhances health and blood circulation

Another benefit of taking Yoga is it helps you control your blood pressure. Seniors usually have a longer time sitting all day at their desks, which can cause poor blood circulation. If not medicated, it can lead to breakouts, numbness, and muscle cramps. Engaging in yoga classes help you avoid these symptoms.

Unlike tough workouts, Yoga does not put too much strain on your heart. It reduces the risks of high blood pressure and stroke. Yoga also promotes good bone health. Even adults benefit from Yoga, as it effectively prevents them from having osteoporosis or bone fractures as they get old. Moreover, Yoga increases the blood flow makes you feel energized. The standing poses, inversions, and forward and backward bends of yoga styles contribute to enhanced blood flow circulation.

Decreases high levels of uric acid

Gout develops when you have high levels of blood uric acid. As such, the uric acid crystallizes in joints and tendons, which results in painful swelling. To avoid gouts, you need to practice yoga techniques, poses, and postures now.

Likewise, Yoga reduces high levels of uric acid in different ways. First, it guides in managing your weight. Be mindful that your body’s weight affects the joint pain. Not realizing this issue can cause inflammation because your body carries force. Second, yoga movements circulate your blood flow properly to prevent uric acid from crystallizing. Lastly, it raises awareness of your body’s normal functions and how to improve them.

Keeps the mind sharp.

Your brain is capable of doing the unbelievable. Thus, prioritizing its sanity and well-being is a must. Studies portray that brain degeneration impacts the overall bodily function, as it allows psychiatric disorders to set in. The causes of brain malfunctions include stress and anxiety. The good thing here is that yoga practices help maintain your brain’s capabilities by regulating your vagus nerve, which deals with your mood and affection.

Yoga does not only improve your muscles and joints but also your mind as well. Taking scheduled yoga classes allows you to take quiet time for yourself. It relieves stress, enables concentration, and keeps your life centered and organized. Also, Yoga allows you to meditate appropriately. It follows slow, breathing patterns for you to have calmer reflection against insane daily activities. When your mind and body function together, you are more likely to feel better experiences. Yoga recharges your soul and helps you reap an energetic and vigorous life.

Promotes relaxation and deeper breathing

Although Yoga comes in different forms, it generally promotes relaxation and calmness through proper breathing. Engaging in regular yoga exercises can improve one’s mental health. Yoga trainers focus on seniors’ pose, breathing, and meditation to help them release their anxiety. Practicing on a well-ventilated, quiet environment plays a role in a successful yoga relaxation technique.

Aside from these, the postures, breathing patterns, and meditation come in handy when dealing with yoga classes. Yoga trainers help you control your breathing while being mindful of your environment. Cases backed by science assert that during relaxation, you can experience slow heart rate, deep breaths, decreased blood pressure, and reduced muscle tension. Successful yoga practices give you a replenished mind and body at the end of the day.

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