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What is an Adult Day Care Center?

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What is an Adult Day Care Center?

Adult daycare centers provide structured programs that cater to seniors’ needs. They typically employ a stimulating social environment that aging adults are likely to enjoy. What’s more, adult day care services gives family members and caregivers a break from the demanding duties of senior caretaking.

Oasis Adult Day Care presents a community-based program that helps seniors improve their physical, social, and mental wellness through scheduled sessions and classes. It professionally designs sets of recreational activities for aging adults that require supervision and assistance during the day.

Services Provided by Adult Day Care Centers

Be mindful that adult daycare centers offer different services and facilities, which vary according to the type of organization. Currently, there are three types of adult daycare centers today: social, medical, and specialized.

Social adult daycare centers attend on seniors’ social skills by scheduling recreational activities in a group setting. This type of center offers classes that address seniors’ social and memory skills.

Meanwhile, medical adult day care focuses on seniors’ intensive health care. They usually employ professional, trained nurses that know seniors’ needs and implement the care they need during the day.

Lastly, specialized adult day care deploys services to meet the needs of seniors with cognitive challenges, like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Despite differences, here are the common services provided by adult daycare centers:

Social, engaging activities 

Adult daycare centers host programs to help seniors improve their wellness. Recreational activities range from problem-solving games to gardening, art classes, exercising to music, yoga, and meditation. Centers also cater to social groups by implementing “connect” sessions where seniors can communicate with other members.

Nutritional meals

Similar to younger ones, seniors need healthy meals and diet plans to keep them active and energized for the whole day. Adult daycare centers cater to these needs by cooking fresh meals and snacks. They also ensure that the food matches the dietary needs of the seniors as well.

Professional care

Trained nurses help immobile seniors with their personal hygiene, like toilet cleanliness, proper eating, and grooming.

Transportation services

Perhaps one of the benefits of adult day care services is the transportation service. Yet, only a few centers implement this type of service, so make sure that your chosen adult daycare should have one.


Benefits of Adult Day Care Services

Families who’ve already tried an adult daycare service for their senior loved ones provided them a win-win situation: it gives family members a breathing space from caregiving and provides benefits to their aging parents.

Here are the other benefits of adult day care services:

Benefits for Aging Adults

Seniors reap off wealthy advantages from participating in an adult daycare program. In fact, these centers provide the following opportunities to seniors:

  • It provides a safe and secure environment for seniors to spend a part of their day.
  • It promotes healthy living by providing nutritious and healthy meals for the elderly.
  • It entertains seniors through sets of recreational activities, games, and classes.
  • It allows seniors to boost their social skills by communicating and interacting with other adults in the community.
  • It stimulates mental and social skills and prevents cognitive and mental decline.
  • It permits seniors to handle themselves, but with guidelines of a professional care unit.
  • It helps seniors create new friends and peer support.
  • It gives physical exercises that strengthen aging adults’ muscles, bones, and coordination.
Benefits for Family Members

Adult daycare centers are known to benefit not only participants but also their families. It isn’t a selfish thing to do when children want to take some time off from taking care of their aging parents. Caregiving is overwhelming; it might dry your patience that could contribute to a misunderstanding. Don’t let this happen. By encouraging your aging parents to participate in an adult daycare, you’re likely to take advantage of these:

  • It reduces stress levels and prevents burnout.
  • It guarantees a safe environment for your parents while you’re having a day off from caregiving responsibilities.
  • It recharges your energy from the demanding duties of senior caretaking.
  • It allows you to spend your time on your personal interests and hobbies.
  • It gives peace of mind, especially when you need to work, but there’s no someone to leave your aging parents behind.
When to Consider Adult Day Care

According to the National Adult Day Services Association, the best time to explore adult day care centers is when they already need one. The association highlights the following considerations before encouraging seniors in services that adult daycare center implements:

  • If seniors aren’t likely to provide his/her structure of planned daily activities
  • If seniors experience isolation and desire support group
  • If seniors feel depressed and stressed
  • If seniors can’t be safely left alone at home or scared to be left alone
  • If seniors lose interest in physical activities
Key Considerations Before Choosing an Adult Day Care

Selecting an adult daycare center for your aging parents plays crucial factors in giving them the quality care they need to continue improving their lives. Here are some of the important questions you need to ask before admitting your senior loved ones to your preferred adult daycare service:

  • Is the preferred center has proofs of certificates and accreditation?
  • How long has the center been in the service?
  • What are the operational hours?
  • Does it have additional charges for transportation services?
  • Does it implement professional, trained staff members to assist and provide care to my aging parents?
  • What are the services, facilities, and amenities offered?
  • Is the location near my community?
  • What senior conditions are accepted?
  • Do they provide healthy meals and snacks?
  • How much is the service? How is the payment for those services arranged?

If your selected adult daycare gives excellent answers to these questions, then it is likely to provide the quality care you need for your aging parents. If you’re in New York, Oasis Adult Day Care is a great choice. It provides an unmatched level of service and offers programs that cater to the elderly’s needs. Visit Oasis at 1930 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, and experience exceptional care for your senior loved ones.

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