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What Separates Socacise Sessions from Zumba Classes

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What Separates Socacise Sessions from Zumba Classes

Exercising to music provides individuals a non-tiring way to lose weight. Similar to going to a gym, dance sessions allow them to be physically fit and healthy. Seniors also reap off wealthy benefits from this type of class, most especially that adult daycare centers implement one.

Researchers suggest that seniors lose their balance, flexibility, and agility as they age. To help them recover from these losses, they need an effective way to maintain their physical strength without exhilaration. Exercising to music, paired with quality meal plans, helps seniors become well.

However, seniors need to know that adult daycare centers provide different exercise programs. You may have heard about hip-hop, ballet dancing, ballroom, tap, and jazz. These are in general terms, yet, some styles are popular from the others. Two of those dancing styles that cater to seniors’ fitness include Socacise and Zumba.

Before signing up on a session, make sure that you have an idea of how Socacise and Zumba differ from one another. Here are the characteristics that make them unique:


Socacise originated from the idea “exercising to Soca music.” Soca music, short for “soul of calypso,” encompasses upbeat tempo, usually ranging from 115 to 160 beats per minute. It came from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago since the 1970s. It involves African dance movements. People used Soca music as part of their style and eventually reformed over time.

Meanwhile, Zumba combines Latin and International music to create exciting beats similar to Socacise. Alberto Perez developed the Zumba program accidentally. He forgot to bring his music, and he only has a Latin cassette tape with him at that moment. Perez had no choice but to use Latin music to teach aerobic steps at a local dance academy, and it turned out fine. Zumba music typically has 130 to 170 beats per minute, containing more beats than Soca music.

Styles and Techniques

Socacise and Zumba sessions greatly vary from the styles and techniques used.

Socacise implements dancing exercises combined with Soca music for a high-energy workout. Moreover, it involves different sections but typical movements similar to Carribean dancing styles. Additionally, socacise has four types of classes: bacchanal warm-up, cardio soca jam, whine and tone, and groovy stretch.

On the contrary, Zumba classes are Latin and internationally-inspired music. Zumba instructors have varying ways of how seniors can be physically healthy. They usually play around with the program, which seniors need to follow steps initiated. Types of Zumba dance includes step, toning, and gold –the latter caters to older adults.

When it comes to music implementation, both classes have unique perceptions. Socacise instructors strictly use Carribean-based music, while Zumba professionals use different music to incorporate exercise sessions.

Burned Calories

Socacise sessions provide effective ways for people to lose weight and be physically fit. Seniors can benefit from Socacise sessions because it caters to all age groups. Signing up on Socacise class at Oasis Day Center helps seniors burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. It provides a thirty- minute Socacise session to aging adults.

In terms of Zumba classes, the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine revealed that the average calorie burn was 9.5 per minute. This is supported through a study by having nineteen healthy females recruited from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus, aged 18 to 22, to participate in the said research. They tried a treadmill test and joined a Zumba session taught by an ACE-certified instructor.

Competence Level

The great thing about Socacise and Zumba sessions is that they cater to beginners. Inactive seniors, with or without a background in dancing, can enjoy participating in such adult daycare activities. Seniors only need to tell their preferences and follow their instructors accordingly.

The more time invested in Socacise and Zumba sessions, the more seniors become physically fit and healthy. These activities also provide an array of social benefits, as it allows seniors to interact with one another.


Adult daycare centers in New York implement programs to help seniors become fit, physically, and mentally. Oasis Day Center introduces Socacise sessions that benefit seniors in different ways, from improving strength to boosting positive behavior and increasing serotonin levels (known as the feel-good hormone). Socacise sessions also give seniors a dose of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for the brain’s reward system. If you are looking into this, you can book a Socacise session at Oasis through email or phone.

Meanwhile, you can find Zumba classes near you. Browse on the internet, check their schedule, and drop a message on their website if you are interested.

Benefits of Socacise and Zumba

Despite their differences, Socacise and Zumba help seniors gain the physical fitness they need, especially at their age. For just a thirty-minute to a one-hour session, seniors can reap off benefits for their physical well-being.

For instance, both classes relieve joint and muscle pains. These classes improve seniors’ muscular strength, cardiovascular system, and endurance. With a variety of dancing styles and techniques, Socacise and Zumba boost seniors’ range of motion, posture, and flexibility. It also encourages a positive environment that stimulates the mind and body, leading to reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Researchers portray that upbeat tempos allow seniors to adapt to exercises and movements. Since both Socacise and Zumba comprise upbeat tempos, they impact seniors’ heart rate positively. As long as accommodated with a professional instructor, tempos paired with movements lower adults’ blood pressure and modify their metabolic rate. Socacise sessions are directly linked with mood regulation and self-awareness achievement.

All of these benefits combined, seniors tend to have a better and quality life.

Besides, Oasis Day Center’s Socacise sessions extend to social engagement. It provides fun, engaging sessions to reach out to seniors who feel alone. Interacting while dancing to Soca music helps seniors become socially active, preventing cognitive and emotional tenses that are common to older adults.

Seniors do not have to worry about the possible side effects of Socacise –it does not have any. Ideally, it will only bring a positive outlook as well as physical fitness.

Try a group Socacise session at Oasis today!


Oasis employs professional staff members to provide Socacise benefits to seniors. Allow your senior loved ones to participate in Oasis Day Center’s Socacise sessions today. You’ll be surprised by your loved ones’ improvement after exercising to Soca music!


We offer free Socacise sessions to members and first-time guests. Just visit Oasis Adult Day center, located at 1930 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, or give us a call at (718) 790-4086.

You can also email us at contact@oasisdaycenter.com. We’re excited to see you!

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